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Know The Authenticity of the
VigRX Plus™ You Ordered

If copying is the best way to compliment someone, then there are many people who are complimenting VigRX Plus™.

That makes us feel honored. Besides, clinical studies have shown that VigRX Plus™ can increase the desire for sex, helps develop your stamina and may raise men's overall sexual satisfaction! Unfortunately, we've sometimes seen that 'VigRX Plus' isn't always VigRX Plus™, even on sites like Amazon and eBay...

That's a major concern for us. The raw materials and high quality ingredients in the VigRX Plus™ formula are what makes it work. Counterfeit VigRX Plus™ products just don't work — and some of those copies can be really difficult to tell. Those counterfeits could contain anything in their formulation from rat poison to aspirin. Do you want that?

If You See VigRX Plus™ Cheaper Than What You See
On Our Official Website, Chances Are It's A Copy

To rectify this, we've taken steps to make sure your order of VigRX Plus™ is in fact our proven and high-quality formula, that has been specially crafted in our cGMP compliant facility in the USA in accordance with their strict safety and health regulations. Verify your VigRX Plus™ by making sure it has the product security seal that's displayed below.

VigRX Plus Seal of Authenticity

The noticeable signs of a copy of VigRX Plus™ include a white powder within the tablet or missing Leading Edge barcode.

And one of the most telling signs of a copy of VigRX Plus™ is when you see it being sold for less than the official packages that are offered through this very official VigRX Plus™ website. The Bottom line? Your safety is important to us. Please only purchase VigRX Plus™ through a trusted party.

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FAQ for VigRX Plus Verification Code

The following questions are common questions our customers ask us about verification code for VigRX Plus™ and how to use it.

The verification code is on all VigRX Plus™ packages that were bought after December 2012

Why introduce the verification code?

The implementation of this code is a form of safety. Because we are the leading natural virility supplement, many imitators have spawned to try to piggyback on our success. There was no way customers could figure out if they had obtained a counterfeit product or the formulation it might contain.

Should I care that the VigRX Plus™ I purchased is counterfeit or not?

Yes, because your safety is our priority. Health products that are counterfeited may contain a concoction of substances which range from illegal to potentially dangerous. Their formulation may also have adverse side effects, especially if you plan on taking the counterfeit with your current medication or any existing conditions you might have.

To state again: we can't tell what's inside any given health supplement that's been counterfeited. If you even have the smallest inkling that your VigRX Plus™ is a copy, we highly encourage you to contact us today.

Are all VigRX Plus™ that don't contain a verification code counterfeit?

There's a high chance that it is, but there's also a chance that the VigRX Plus™ could have been made before December 2012. All VigRX Plus™ manufactured before this date has no code. The package might just have been in circulation for some time.

Want to know more about how you can tell if the VigRX Plus™ you purchased is counterfeit or not? Keep reading through these series of questions as we'll point out several ways to help you spot a counterfeit.

Always contact us any time you feel that you have a counterfeit!

My VigRX Plus™ DOES NOT contain the verification code on the package. How can I tell if it's counterfeit?

If you purchased any VigRX Plus™ that was created at our facility any time after December 2012 there will be a verification code. There is also a chance that the VigRX Plus™ you purchased was manufactured before then and has been in circulation for a while.

To spotting any copy VigRX Plus™ without a verification code is a bit difficult, because counterfeits look exceptionally close to the real product. However, there are a few absolute signs of VigRX Plus™ that's been counterfeited, including:

  • A white powder inside the tablet (actual VigRX Plus™ looks a lot like pepper)
  • The Leading Edge Health bar code is missing
  • The products is being sold for less than what's available on our website

These are not the only signs that the product has been counterfeited, but these are easy to spot signs and do provide a great starting point to help you know what to look for if the verification code of your VigRX Plus™ is not on the package.

Exactly what is the normal cost of VigRX Plus™?

The VigRX Plus™ that we offer is in discount packaging according to the amount you order. We've listed them, along with the price, here.

Is this website the only place I can purchase real VigRX Plus™?

You can purchase real VigRX Plus™ here, on our official website through our order form.

VigRX Plus™ can also be found on Amazon and eBay, but be careful! You're more likely to come across counterfeits intermixed with real VigRX Plus™ if you purchase from those sites. Remember...

to always look for the verification code on all VigRX Plus™ that you buy after December 2012, and always use the verification code to confirm the authenticity of the product.

I have more questions about imitation products being sold as VigRX Plus™!

If you have ANY concerns or questions regarding VigRX Plus™, please be sure to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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