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The Results Have Arrived:

Our FIRST EVER VigRX Plus™ Clinical Study With Men Is Now Finished...

... And The Results We Received Were Amazing!

A Summary Of The Study That Was Conducted:

Vedic Lifesciences was the lab that performed the clinical study.

They performed a triple-blind clinical study. That means that anyone who was involved in the study, whether they were researchers, doctors, etc. didn't know which participants took placebo and which VigRX Plus™.

The length of the trial was 84 days and there were periodic assessment visits on days 28, 56, and at the end of the trial.

In order to assess the results, Vedic Lifesciences used the IIEF — or the International Index of Erectile Function. It is a well-respected system of testing known all around the community internationally and it has demonstrated responsiveness in regular treatments in all studies within Europe, Asia, and the US. It measures the following:

  1. Ability to Maintain An Erection After Partner Penetration
  2. Frequency of Erection
  3. Firmness of Erection
  4. Maintaining An Erection Until End Of Intercourse
  5. Having Confidence In Maintaining and Achieving An Erection
  6. Frequency of Penetrating Their Partner

The EDITS questionnaire which is internationally recognized was used to measure partner and patient satisfaction.

The Independent Institutional Ethics Commit (IEC) formally approved of all the amendments and protocols prior to the beginning of the study. Please note that your individual results may vary.

Men saw in just 12 weeks:

  • An INCREASE of 63% in maintaining an erection
  • An INCREASE of 21% in quality & frequency of orgasms
  • An INCREASE of 59% of being able to penetrate their partner
  • An INCREASE of 46% in sexual desire and drive
  • An overall INCREASE of 62% in sexual satisfaction
  • An INCREASE of 70% in intercourse & sexual satisfaction

*These results come from a placebo-controlled, triple-blind, randomized clinical study that was from Vedic Lifesciences. Individual results might vary.

We have also received direct positive feedback from people who have used VigRX Plus™ for the past ten years. We knew our product works well.

Despite that, we were still surprised when Vedic Lifesciences gave us results from their 2-year clinical study.

We knew our product was good.

We just had no idea that our product was THAT great!

If you're interested, you can read the report from the clinical study that's over 50 pages long that Vedic Lifesciences gave us.

But we know that's a lot to read and that you're probably pretty busy, and because of that we've taken the liberty to summarize a handful of the most noteworthy results just for you:

Who Were The Men That Participated?:

75 men participated in our clinical study and they were between 25-50. All men were in heterosexual, monogamous relationships.

They all complied to take the dosage that was recommended of VigRX Plus™ over the course of 12 weeks — that's 2 pills, twice a day.

108 men applied and were screened. Of those 108 men, 78 men were recruited to participate in our trial — 75 men finished the trial.

None of the participants had a history diabetes, any major psychiatric disorders, any sort of major heart conditions, injuries of the spinal cord, HIV/AIDS, penis deformities, or any sort of STDs. None of the participants used medications that are known to cause sexual dysfunction, were alcoholics, had erection issues that might be caused by low levels of testosterone, had liver or renal dysfunction, and all of their partners were female and not pregnant.

Highlights Of Our Results From The Clinical Study

Result #1:
An INCREASE of 46% in sexual desire and drive

VigRX Plus™ has been evaluated and the conclusion is that it may significantly increase your sexual desire.

Prescription medication only affects erections – they just don't affect your drive for sex. Despite this, it's been proven that erection quality and one's sex drive are LINKED!

Our product can increase sexual desire by 46% along with an increase in erection frequency and quality!

Results of VigRX Plus™ clinical study that shows an increase of 46% in sexual drive and desire
* Individual results may vary

Result #2:
An INCREASE of 62% in maintaining an erection while penetrating their partner

After using VigRX Plus™ for only 84 days, the 75 men who took part in our trial saw an INCREASE of 62% in ability of maintaining a full, firm, and thick erection while penetrating their partner.

See the below chart to compare the men who took VigRX Plus™ to the group who took the placebo:

* Individual results may vary

Result #3:
An INCREASE of 22% in number of orgasms

When the men who took VigRX Plus™ are compared to the group who were given the placebo over the trial period of 84 days, they reported an increase of 22% in quantity of orgasms.

More orgasms equated to IMPROVED sexual satisfaction overall.

Results of VigRX Plus™ clinical study that shows an increase of 21% in number of orgasms
* Individual results may vary

Result #4:
An INCREASE of 59% of penetrating ability

VigRX Plus™ and the placebo were compared and measured against for sexual satisfaction using questions from the EDITS scale during the study. Both the patients AND their partners were interviewed.

One result was particularly interesting...

The partners of the men who took VigRX Plus™ during the trial reported an INCREASE of 59% in the patients' penetration ability, which dramatically improved their overall sexual satisfaction!

However, the partners who were with the patients who took the placebo during the trial recorded a significant DECREASE in ability to penetrate them during the same period!
View the chart below:

* Individual results may vary

Result #5:
An overall INCREASE of almost 61% in sexual satisfaction

After the 84 days were up and we looked at all of the results, the men who had taken VigRX Plus™ had an overall increase of almost 61% in sexual satisfaction...

... The group of men who were given the placebo had an overall DECREASE in sexual satisfaction!

Remember that the study was triple-blind. None of the doctors, researchers, or patients had any idea who was taking VigRX Plus™ and who was taking the placebo.

Because the study was triple-blind, it eliminates any sort of bias that might have been given otherwise in the study results!

Results of VigRX Plus™ clinical study that shows an increase of 60% in sexual satisfaction
* Individual results may vary

Result #6:
An INCREASE of 71% in intercourse and sexual satisfaction

The group of men who were given VigRX Plus™ during the trial period reported an improvement of 71% in their intercourse and sexual satisfaction.

Compare that to the 12% improvement that was reported by the men who were given the placebo!

What does that mean? Men who were given VigRX Plus™ for 84 days had nearly 6 TIMES more sexual satisfaction during the trial period than the placebo group of men!

Results of VigRX Plus™ clinical study that shows an increase of 71% in intercourse and sexual satisfaction
* Individual results may vary

12 Week Comparison Chart of Scores for Erection Quality

VigRX Plus Results using the IIEf
* Individual results may vary

If you take a look at the overview of the 12-week trial in the chart, you'll see that when compared to the placebo, VigRX Plus™ produced a measurable increase of scores for erection quality.

The Participants of the Study Answer The Following Question:

“Would You Continue To Take The Placebo or VigRX Plus™? No or Yes?”

Number of patients who would continue to use VigRX Plus™
NOTE: Your results may vary

What Do The Results Of Our Triple-Blind Clinical Study Prove?:

VigRX Plus™ May Measurably and Significantly Increase Erection Control and Quality, Drive For Sex, and Your
Overall Sexual Satisfaction

The positive results we received overwhelmed us.

The men who were given VigRX Plus™ for 84 days were completely happy with their overall sexual performance which had significantly improved.

Vedic Lifesciences also reported that:

... 90% of those who were given VigRX Plus for the 84-day clinical trial wanted to CONTINUE TO TAKE VigRX Plus™ when the trial was over because they were COMPLETELY HAPPY with their improvements!

Vedic Lifesciences also said:

“In conclusion, using VigRX Plus™ during the 12-week trial period proved to be significantly better than using the placebo in the improvement of erectile function with patients who had sexual dysfunction.

When one compares the group of men who were given VigRX Plus™ to the group who were given the placebo, a significant improvement is seen in the various aspects of men's sexual health like orgasmic function, intercourse satisfaction, libido, and sexual satisfaction overall.

All partners of the men who took VigRX Plus™ endorsed the patients' sexual function enhancements.

With patients who had any sort of sexual dysfunction typically seen in males, VigRX Plus™ was well tolerated and safe!”

* Individual results may vary

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